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Content is the meat and potatoes of your modules. The ice cream to your waffle cone. The furniture to your house. You get the idea— content is pretty important. Without content, the modules you build will be pretty unexciting. Just an empty ice cream cone.

First things first

The Content tab houses all the pieces of interactive media, photos, videos, events, etc. This tab will be critical as you start to build out modules. You can add as much content as you’d like to each module. You can have cute puppy videos, brain-scratching tests, blended learning with checklists. If you dream it, you can (creatively) build it!

PRO TIP: Save yourself extra clicks! If you create the content used inside your modules first, setting up your modules will be a breeze.

You build it, they will come

There are many choices for how to present content in your LMS. You will notice the Content tab has many pills to choose from. In the following guides, you’ll take a deep dive into each one of those pills. Have fun with them — choose your own adventure! Want to learn how to create some tricky tests to ensure learners absorb the material? Check out that module. Want to see how managers can take some time to verify that staff is trained correctly? Try out the module about observation checklists.

Get started

Wisetail’s Content tab is meant to be all-encompassing. There’s no set, specific way to make sure learners are remembering material or picking up a skill in a certain way. You can incorporate any (or all!) of the content choices into a single module. You can add text, videos, documents, images, SCORM videos, tests, homework, flashcards, events, and observation checklists. Make sure that you title your content in a clear way, as this helps keep everything straight and organized down the road.

Remember — pick out any ice cream flavor. If you don’t love it, make another choice!

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