Module Settings

by Wisetail Technical Support

You can use the flexibility and configurablity the Wisetail LMS as much or as little as you want. Custom module settings live in the right-hand column, near the bottom of the page.

Once you click ‘Edit Settings,’ you’ll see a few cool options. Here’s a handy blurb on each one.

Mark New — (Y/N)

Mark the module as new and learners will see a colored banner telling them there’s something brand-new to explore. If you mark content as “new,” you’ll be asked to choose a date for that banner to disappear.

Module Type (Standard/Reference)

Standard modules have what we call a completion event, which requires learners to click a ‘Mark Done’ button in the module. When a module is completed, it gets greyed out in the learner’s library and that action is logged (with a timestamp) under Reporting. This kind of module is good for compliance or position-based onboarding.

A reference module, on the other hand, is just what it sounds like—a module that exists for learner reference. You can track whether a learner has viewed this type of module, but it can’t be marked complete. You cannot add tests or gates to a reference module. Oh, and also, media cannot be set to ‘required.’ Long story short? This selection is good for modules that you will update over time, things like newsletters or policies.

Point Value

Points are rewards for learning! You can use these many ways: tie them to incentives, generate learner interactions, start friendly competitions… the usual. Just input the number of points a learner receives for completing the module. (Note: ‘reference’ modules do not have the option to add points.)

Show Wall of Fame — (Y/N)

Want to highlight the first person to complete the module? Turn on the Wall of Fame. (Note: if you select ‘reference,’ then you do not have the Wall of Fame option.)

Allow Comments — (Y/N)

You’ve seen that Wisetail is about more than learning… it’s also about good communication and building community. Comments help with that! If you want learners to offer feedback or share kudos on the module, just mark “yes.”

Viewable in Library — (Y/N)

The library houses all learner content. If you want your module to show up there, make sure this selection is on. (Note: Even if you set a module as not viewable in a library, it will still display in search results.)

Pro Tip: Some admins choose to curate their content by narrowing which modules are viewable in their library. Others make everything visible in their library for a true browsing experience. The choice is yours!

Save your work (if you’re into that kinda thing)

Once you’ve made the selections in Module Settings, you can use that combination again, as a Saved Preset for future use. Give the preset a title and—hey presto—you can access it again and again.


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