Module Permissions

by Wisetail Technical Support

You’ve just created a module! Now it’s time to decide who can access it. That decision is made in the ‘Module Permissions’ panel, which lives in the right-hand column. To be clear—permissions do not make modules required. Permissions only grant or restrict access. To make a module required, you will need to create an enrollment via the enrollments tab.

To start, expand the Module Permissions panel, and click on the plus sign to define the audience for your module.

This will take you to the Rules Engine, where you can get extremely precise about who can access and view content.

One big thing to note

Module-level permissions apply to the module as a whole, while media-level permissions apply to the specific media you place within the module. It’s important to set up permissions so that the right people have access to both the module itself and the media within.

For example, if your module was permissioned to a learner with Title = Server and you had permissions on all the media that said Title = Dishwasher, the dishwashers would be unable to access the media within, because they can’t access the module itself. Similarly, the Server could access the module itself, but none of the media within.

Lastly, remember that the default state is un-restricted (all learners have access) for both module-level and media-level permissions.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. You’ll be creating permissions with your eyes closed in no time!


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