Reports: Getting Started

by Wisetail Technical Support

Raise your hand if you love Reports! We hope you all did. We love a good Report. So, we created 42 of them for you. Forty. Two. System. Reports. That’s a lot. You also have the ability to create custom reports. You’ll do nothing else with your day — and in no way is that depressing!

In the Reports tab on your admin tool, you have access to all of the system Reports, as well as the ability to manage your saved and custom Reports.

We’ll take a deep dive in the other Reports articles. For now, you just need to know the three main W’s that can be pulled into a report: who, what, and when. Do you need to see how many new modules were created last month? Do you need to see a location-specific completion report? Want to see a points log? All of these (and many, many more) are options for you in Reports. You’ll be able to create, save, filter, export, and manage reports for yourself. You can even send out scheduled reports to others who need important Report information.

There is nothing Reports can’t do for you. Keep reading to get more specifics on how Reports can crush your to-do list!



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