Roles: An Overview

by Wisetail Technical Support

Building an LMS is a lot of work, especially if you’re the sole admin for the site. I’m sure there are times when you wish you could recruit extra help with building content, managing users, running reports, etc… without giving away the keys to the house? Guess what? You can—through our Roles feature!

Roles allow you, the super admin, to delegate various responsibilities to different users in the LMS. Wisetail has two major types of Roles: System Roles and Custom Roles. System Roles are correlated to an individual feature, such as modules, and allow the System Role to manage that feature. For a list of the available System Roles and their definitions, click here.

Custom Roles allow you to delegate certain abilities as you see fit, a la carte. Want a GM to manage users only at their location? No problem. Need to give a department head access to create training for their Users? Go for it! If you want to learn more about the great things you can do with Custom Roles, click here.


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