by Wisetail Technical Support

Workin’ for the weekend. Working hard, or hardly working? Whatever way you do it, working at work is great! Working while not at work… not so great. But worry not, we have a solution!

What can @Work do

 @Work is a great way to ensure that users are only accessing training content while at a work location and formally on the clock.

The @Work feature does not restrict employee access to the social side of your LMS. What that means is users can still access the connect, share, and dialog pages. As an admin, you can decide what content gets restricted by the @Work function.

PRO TIP: Exempt employees are still able to access content, and are not affected by the @Work restrictions.

Sounds great, right? Let’s set things up. Navigate to the admin tool.

First, turn @Work on. To do this, navigate to the systems tab and select the ‘settings’ pill.  Select the check box to turn @Work on.


Next, we can add the approved IP addresses for your locations. To do this, select the @Work pill.


Now you can add your IP addresses. In order for your IP addresses to function with @Work settings, they must be external, public, and static.

PRO TIP:  Your IP address for the location you are sitting at right now will be at the top of the list!

Select the + sign and input the IP address, subnet, and description for each location. Next, select add IP address to add the IP address.


Subnet — When your IT department purchases the IP address for a particular location, there’s the option to purchase groups of IP addresses. If that was done (and 9 times out of 10 it isn’t), then you’d need to select the size of the subnet purchased when adding the IP address to the list of @Work locations. For example, if eight IP addresses were purchased as part of the package, then you’d select that second option. Reach out to your IT department if you’re unsure of the IP type.

 Add @Work Restriction to content

To do this, in the admin tools under the modules tab and the ‘all modules’ pill, navigate to a module that you would like to apply the @Work restriction to.

Next, in the right column select the arrow next to @Work to see more. Here you can select Y/N to apply the @Work Restriction.



We just said ‘IP’ a ton (fun fact: in this instance, it stands for Internet Protocol).

What the @Work feature helps you do is make sure that employees don’t complete training they need to be compensated for while they’re at home and off the clock. As long as your employees are connected to a work IP address (i.e. logging into a recognized work WiFi network), they’re good to access training materials. Using @Work just might save you some time and money.


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