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Wisetail’s LMS supports SCORM and AICC files that are authored and created outside of the Wisetail LMS — and it’s very easy to upload and use a SCORM or AICC .zip file within a module. Follow along to see how you can add SCORM/AICC content to your LMS.

Requirements and Best Practices for SCORM:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • No Flash.  Due to a change in browser settings (outside of the Wisetail LMS), SCORM that contains any sort of Flash no longer plays nicely in any web browser! This is not a setting that you the creator, nor Wisetail, the LMS, has control over. The authoring tools that you use to export your SCORM file no longer support FLASH and instead are using HTML5, which should be built into your SCORM export.
  • Your SCORM packet needs to send either Complete/Incomplete or Pass/Fail to the LMS for the ‘Mark Done’ button to be triggered and a completion initiated. Whether or not that complete or pass flag is sent is set up in your SCORM authoring tool and controlled outside of the LMS platform.


Begin in the Admin tool by navigating to the Content tab and selecting the SCORM/AICC pill. This pill houses all SCORM/AICC content. It’s also the place where Admins can upload and edit SCORM/AICC files.

Click the blue ‘Add SCORM/AICC’ button and select the file to upload. Once uploaded, you’ll be in the SCORM/AICC profile where you’ll be required to designate a title and place an optional description.


Using SCORM/AICC is pretty straightforward, so the SCORM/AICC profile offers just a couple of options.

Change SCORM/AICC Thumbnail: In the upper right-hand corner, you can click the three dots within the Thumbnail to add an image from your computer.

Preview SCORM: This allows you to launch the SCORM/AICC file from the admin tool to see how it plays on the LMS.

Download SCORM: To the right of the Preview SCORM button you can select a drop-down arrow that allows you to download the SCORM file to your computer.

Once SCORM/AICC has been uploaded into this pill you can simply pull it into a module and start offering SCORM/AICC content to your users. If you have any further questions around SCORM, do not hesitate to contact your CX Team!

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