by Wisetail Technical Support

What are classes? Do you have a use for them?

Let’s start by saying that classes are a seldom-used feature on the platform. Regardless, this feature can be quite useful. Classes, at the core, are a way to separate groups of users from seeing one another within the LMS. This can be great for a multi-concept businesses that want users from each concept to use the same LMS, but never see users from another concept on the connect page or any other user widgets.

An important note: users in separate classes will see the same site design. The overall branding (colors, fonts, logos) is the same for every class, as are most widgets. Content and any other site elements influenced by the rules engine can be restricted by class.

How to set up classes

Classes are quite simple to set up! They’re defined by a User Group, so you want to begin by crafting a user group to capture all participants of a given class. 

To create a class, begin in the admin tool by navigating to the ‘Users’ tab and selecting the ‘Classes’ pill. From here, click on ‘Create Class.’


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