Report Delivery Via sFTP - June 2020

by C.W. Holeman III


Delivering existing Wisetail reports via sFTP will enable easier analytics tool consumption and utilization.


  1. sFTP Setup
  2. sFTP profile creation is in System
  3. Up to 5 sFTP profiles can be created




  1. Testing the sFTP Connection
  2. sFTP connection success notification
  3. Click “Save” to save credentials and close the notification
  4. sFTP connection failure notification
  5. Click “Okay” to close the notification and edit credentials
  6. Activate the sFTP profile

4. sFTP Report Scheduling

  1. Once an sFTP profile is successfully set-up and activated, go into a Saved Report — under the Schedule Report panel, to select an sFTP profile from a drop-down menu

  1. The send of the report will occur according to the Date/Time/Frequency inputs provided
  2. Send To (Emails Only) would continue to work as is — at least one recipient must be entered
  3. As long as the credentials provided stay the same, the report will send at the specified times


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