Wisetail FAQ Index

by C.W. Holeman III

General FAQs

Viewing vs. Previewing a Module

Active Issues

Admin Cannot See Updated Version of eLearning Content (after "Re-Upload Media")

How does Global Search differ from the search on the Learn Page?

Saved Reports Vs Custom Reports

Should I use a domain name or an IP Address to...

How is a user in an Observation Queue when they are not in the audience?

Why is my Embed with Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, etc.) not updating?

When does the System Widget on the Admin Dashboard update?

Where can I find the Graphic Image Specifications for my site?

Can I save a module for later viewing or reference?

Email Questions

What is the Suppressions List?

Password Reset link in email is removed

Forgot Password emails are not being received




For general info on Datafeeds, see What Is A Datafeed?

List of Datafeed FAQs.

Enrollment FAQs

For general info on Enrollments, see the Enrollment Overview.

List of Enrollment FAQs.

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.


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